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Hopefully our FAQ will answer most questions but if not, feel free to reach out via the contact form below.

Frequently Asked Questions


Currently we only ship to the US.  We'll update as we expand our shipping options.

We ship twice weekly using USPS Media Mail.  


All vinyl is sold "as-is", we do not accept returns.  Every record is inspected before it is shipped.

We DO visually inspect all albums and price albums accordingly.

All products have a "Rating".  The rating is for the sleeve and the actual record/media

Vinyl Grading/Rating

We use the Goldmine Rating System to rate all albums and covers.

You can learn more about the Goldmine Rating System here.


Currently we are only able to sell what you see in the store.  We don't hold records or keep a running list of what users are looking for, there are just too many to keep up with.

We are looking into a feature where you can create a wishlist and if something is added that matches an album on your list, an email alert will be sent.  This is planned for 2024.

Physical Location

As of now, we do NOT accept visitors to the warehouse.  We have been in talks to open a physical location but as of now, everything is online.

We are located just outside Nashville, TN.

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